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Expansion Plans! VEGAS (Part 2)

PART 2: A massive proposal opportunity lands in the teams’ lap as they’re in the middle of the Microsoft Inspire Conference. They hurry to get it complete as the ramp up to a major global expansion means a big change for the team structure is around the corner.

A Global Partner of the Year! VEGAS (Part 1)

PART 1: The team have won Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year and are heading to Vegas to attend the Microsoft Inspire Conference, named as a global partner of the year. A game changing opportunity to be on stage with Alysa Taylor means workloads double as the team tries to make the most of being in Las Vegas, keep the company running, and weigh up the business value of getting tattoos.

VC Hacking

The team has some big goals for the VIP launch party as they gear up to open a funding round, which coincides with the official launch of the Behind the Brief series!

Myriad VIP Launch Party

Advvy partners with internationally renowned Myriad Conference to hosts a VIP launch party on the Brisbane river.

Start up to Scale up

With an overwhelming pipeline of opportunities, we run two emergency product workshops to work out the logistics of the impending scaling project on.

The 6:15 to Paris

Our team makes a less than ideal first impression before a big meeting at the Microsoft Headquarters opens a Pandoras Box and presents some new challenges.

Going Global

The team travel to London for the first stop in a world customer meeting tour.

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